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MS PowerPoint is the tool that is widely used in corporate world as well as for seminars in college or school. It includes rich collection of style gallery, smart art, tables and charts to make an impressive presentation. But like other files it is also much prone to corruption. The hours or days of hard work can be ruined in seconds. While trying to open a Power Point document it may refuse to open that file at instances and certain error message may pop up like “Unable to read the file", "Unknown error occurred", "Invalid file path", "Error XXX: sorry file cannot be accessed”. You may come across these errors with PPT file created with all versions of MS PowerPoint such as 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 & 2010. This corrupts the slides and makes them inaccessible.

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Let us discuss some scenarios where PowerPoint documents get corrupted:

  • Header corruption: Header of a PPT file stores all vital information regarding file structure and helps in the accessibility. The header may get corrupted due to error in registry policy, this occurs if registry setting is not set properly, admin may restrict to access that file. At that time it displays an error message stating “attempt to open a file that is blocked by registry policy setting". If your system shut down suddenly due to accidental shutdown or power failure interrupting the saving process causes logical damage to PPT header.
  • External threats: Computer users had antivirus program stored in their respective systems but sometimes due to outdated registry software will be unable to find viruses in the system resulting in corruption of presentation files. Or if you use updated antivirus also it will repair corrupted PowerPoint document but deletes the file if corruption is severe because it cannot be repaired by antivirus software.
  • PowerPoint application malfunction: Any malfunction in PowerPoint will make presentation files broken. Improper installation or unauthorized modification done by a third party tool can also corrupt the file severely. This happens due to sector level fragmentation in file system, remains in corrupted state and hence refuses to open.
  • Error in automatic update: Automatic update makes your computer secure on one side, but on the other side it can also damage a PPT document. During the automatic update if there is a network connection failure or problem in networking devices, PPT file may get corrupted. If the latest MS update does not supports current PowerPoint version or Windows OS you were using, then it may affect PPT files in the hard disk of your system.

Repair PowerPoint software uses an advanced algorithm which is designed to repair PowerPoint document and uses extraordinary scanning method to repair corrupted slides. It fixes all types of broken PPT, PPTX, PPS files efficiently and extracts all data from corrupted PPT document like texts, sound effects, images, hyperlinks, OLE objects. You can use the application to repair PPT 2007 and also other versions of PowerPoint documents. The slides show can also be repaired on versions of Windows OS. Sometimes PowerPoint templates might get corrupt and you cannot use them to prepare any new PowerPoint files. This PPT repair software helps you to Repair PowerPoint templates also.

Carry out the simple steps to repair PowerPoint document:

Step i: Launch the application and provide the location of corrupted PPT document. Then click on "Repair" button.

Repair PowerPoint document - Browse damaged PPT document location

Fig i: Provide Location of Damaged PPT Document

Step ii: The software starts repairing process, the scanning progress can be viewed on the window, as shown in Fig ii.

Repair PowerPoint document - Corrupted PPT document repair process in progress

Figure ii: Repair Process

Step iii: After the process is over, you can view the repaired file before saving it on a drive. Browse the location for saving the new repaired PPT file and click on "Save", as shown in Fig iii.

Repair PowerPoint document - Save repaired PPT document

Figure iii: Save repaired PPT File

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