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Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation application that helps user to produce on-screen presentations by using the combination of different items such as images, charts, graphs etc. It saves your presentations in a default format named as PPT for the files which are created in versions below MS PowerPoint 2007, while PPTX is the file format used by MS Office 2007 and for the above versions for saving PowerPoint presentations. PPTX files get damaged like other file types but the reasons differ from one file type to another. In such case, you can use the best PPTX repair software that can easily repair damaged PPTX file in just a few steps. This extremely powerful multivariate PPT repair engine will repair PPT files which refuse to open due to any corruption issues such as frequent change in PPTX file extensions, virus attacks, etc.

The most common reason that cause damage to the PPTX file is due to virus or malware attack on the system. Generally, it attacks to the file structure of a particular file type. If your PPTX file gets infected by any virus which comes from the internet or from any other storage device, it will stop your access to the file until you remove that virus by using an anti-virus program. But sometimes, these programs cause damage to the PPTX file and once your file gets damaged, it will come across with error messages which shows that your file has been damaged and become inaccessible. In this situation, you can use PPTX repair application to fix the damaged PPTX file. You can use this utility to fix damaged PPTX 2007 file along with other versions of MS PowerPoint.

Abnormal system shutdown can also cause damage to the PPTX file. This happens when your system shutdown suddenly due to power failure or improper power supply and at that time if you are working on PPTX file, then there are chances that it gets damaged and refuses to open in the future. In such case you can make use of this software to fix the damaged PPTX file. This software scans PPTX file deeply and creates a virtual structure of the file along with the elements like text, embedded objects, hyperlinks, etc. It can also repair corrupted PPTX 2010 file within few mouse clicks.

Sometimes, interruption during downloading process of PPTX file may damage your file. System error, power fluctuation, synchronization error are some of the reasons responsible for interruption during downloading process. Moreover, it gets damaged when the user frequently changes the file extension of any PPTX from one format to another. If your PPTX file gets damaged due to any of these reasons then you can use this effective PPTX repair software which is designed and developed by industry experts to fix problems related to the PPTX file. This application can repair PowerPoint file of both PPTX as well as PPT format.

This software can safely repair password protected PPTX files without breaking the password code. With all the advanced features it's easy to fix corrupt PPT file on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and on Windows server 2003 & 2008. With the help of this software you can preview the repaired PPTX file before saving.

After successful installation, perform few steps in order to fix PPTX file:

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

Step a: Double click on desktop shortcut to launch the utility. You will see a Main Screen as illustrated in Figure 1

Fix PPTX File - Home Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step b: Select "Browse" on the main screen to find the damaged PPTX file from your system. When done press "Repair" option as illustrated below in Figure 2

Fix PPTX File - Find Corrupted PPTX File

Figure 2: Find Damaged PPTX File

Step c: The utility starts the repair process and make a new healthy PPTX file which can be previewed if you have Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on your system. Click on "Preview File" to check the presentation as illustrated in Figure 3

Fix PPTX File - Repaired PPTX File

Figure 3: Preview PPTX File

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

Step d: You need to purchase and activate the software to enable saving of PPTX file after the repair process. When activated, click on "Browse" to select the destination location to save the new PPTX file. Finally press "Save" as illustrated in Figure 4

Fix PPTX File - Save PPTX File

Figure 4: Save PPTX File

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

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