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MS PowerPoint facilitates you with numerous ways of creating and editing presentations for education or business purpose. With the help of this remarkable tool you can even add video and audio clips to your presentation to make it more appealing. Sometimes these video clips may be invisible due to corruption of PPT file and corruption leads to inaccessibility of the PPT file. Have you ever faced situation like this where your PPT not opening or refuses to open? Have you ever come across an error message like “PowerPoint unable to display text”? If the answer is yes!! Then you are in big problem, because your PPT file is inaccessible and you cannot access the contents of the PPT files like images, text, videos etc.

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

The main reason behind this inaccessibility is broken PPT file. PPT files are broken due to header corruption, virus attack, abrupt shutdown of system etc. In order to overcome such situation you can make use of Repair broken PPT tool, which can easily resolve the problem how to open broken PPT file.

What are the causes for broken PPT file?

  • Header corruption: Header corruption is the main cause for broken PPT file. If there is any information missing or lost in the PPT header file then it causes broken PPT file. Due to this access to PPT file is denied. Then in case like this you can use repair broken PPT tool to resolve the problem how to open broken PPT file.
  • Virus attack: If system in which you created PPT file is severely damaged by viruses, then there are chances where your PPT file can also be damaged by these viruses. Hence this leads to inaccessibility of PPT file. Then in times like this you can use this utility to repair damaged PPT file without any difficultly. For more detailed study about how to repair damaged PPT file click on this link:
  • Abrupt shutdown of system: When you are working on your systems sometimes there may be power failure which leads to abrupt shutdown of PC which causes the unsaved PPT files to get broken. Once the PPT file is broken then you cannot access the data present in them. In situations like this you can make use of our powerful tool, which can easily open broken PPT file.

Why repair broken PPT tool is preferred?

Repair broken PPT tool is designed specifically to fix problem related to open broken PPT file in an accurate way. It can fix PPT and PPTX presentation file types that decline to open due to corruption. Using this tool you can repair affected MS 2010 PPT file after error messages. Irrespective of rigorousness of damage, Repair broken PPT tool can be used to fix Microsoft PPT 2007 file. To learn how this tool fix problem related to PPT 2007 file login to this website: You also have advantage to save the contents of the repaired PPT file to your desired location on Windows system. Repair broken PPT tool works well on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Note:Is Your PowerPoint PPS file failed to open? No need to worry as you can repair PPS file in an easy way. Visit this page: get to know how to perform repairing of PPS file.


Steps to fix broken PPT file that cannot be accessed:

Step 1: Download and install the Repair broken PPT software on your Windows computer. Double click on desktop shortcut to launch the utility. You will see a Main Screen as illustrated in Figure 1

How to Open Broken PPT File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

Step 2: Select "Browse" on the main screen to find the Broken PPT file from your system. When done press "Repair" option as illustrated below in Figure 2

How to Open Broken PPT File - Find Broken PPT File

Figure 2: Find Broken PPT File

Step 3: The utility starts repairing process and make a new healthy PPT file which can be previewed if you have Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on your system. Click on "Preview File" option to check the presentation as illustrated in Figure 3

How to Open Broken PPT File - Preview PPT File

Figure 3: Preview PPT File

Step 4: You need to purchase and activate the software to enable saving of PPT file after the repair process. After activating, click on "Browse" to select the destination location to save the new PPT file. Finally press "Save" as illustrated in Figure 4

How to Open Broken PPT File - Save PPT File

Figure 4: Save PPT File

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

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