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PowerPoint 2003 is a file type that comes with Microsoft Office 2003 suite. You can have Office 2003 suite on your computer installed to use the PPT file type to create and save your presentation files. You can present the seminar well using the PPT file presentation. Whether it is a professional seminar or at educational institute, the PPT file is essential for slide show of the points of the topic which are going to present. The PPT file can be inserted with images, MOV files, graphics, etc. to impart the information in a better way. You can even add sound effects to the PPT file and much more.

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At times, the PPT files undergo corruption and refuse to open. You got an error that the PowerPoint failed to launch in the safe mode, would you like to detect and repair? You clicked on “Yes” but it couldn’t fix the problem. When you clicked on “No”, you are getting another message that Microsoft Office PowerPoint encountered a problem and needs to close. This is because; the PPT file has got corrupted severely. If you have struck with the problem of corrupt PPT file and have to give the presentation in a while then it is advisable to repair the PPT file using repair software. PPT repair tool helps you to repair PowerPoint 2003 file effectively. In addition to repair 2003 PPT file, the software allows you to fix 2000 PPT file including PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2010, etc.

Some common scenarios in which the PowerPoint 2003 file gets corrupted:

  • MS PowerPoint malfunctioning: The MS Office suite might not be installed properly. Hence, the MS PowerPoint may malfunction. If you use the software to create the PPT file then the PPT file will be corrupted previously not by any external issue. In such circumstances, to repair such corrupt PPT files, you need repair tool. PPT repair tool helps you repair and recover the data in the PPT file efficiently.
  • Abrupt closure of the PPT file: The PPT file may get corrupted if it is not closed properly. If you are working on the PPT file and the system shuts down abruptly then the PPT file might get corrupted. You can repair PPT file and recover the data in it using repair tool. PPT repair tool is one of the suggested repair tools.
  • Improper recovery: If you have lost your PPT files then you can recover that using recovery software. While recovering PPT file, the file may have not been recovered properly. In such situations, the PPT file gets corrupted and you will lose the access to it. In that case, you can fix damaged PPT file using repair tool. PPT repair tool is one of the most recommended repair tools.
  • Header corruption: The PowerPoint 2003 files get corrupted when the header of the file is corrupted. The file refuses to open and you will lose the important data in the PPT file. The header may get corrupted due to registry policy error, virus infection, frequent system reboots and so on. In such cases, you need repair tool. PPT repair tool is one of the reliable repair tools that can be used.

Important features of PPT repair tool:

The PPT repair tool repairs the Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 files effectively. The software supports PPT file recovery from different file systems of Windows like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT. The software can fix the PPT files corrupted for any reason, throwing different errors. The software recovers text, OLE objects, design, images, hyperlinks, etc. from the corrupt PPT file. The software not only repairs PPT files but also the new version PPTX files on the computer. Hence the software can fix corrupt PPTX files of latest versions of PowerPoint files. With the aid of this software, you can even fix broken PPTX file by following few simple steps provided by this software.

 If the PPT file is severely corrupted then the file shows abnormal behavior, refuses to open on several attempts and throws an error message such as “PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by file_name.ppt”. In such citical condition you cannot fix the corrupted PPT file manually. So you need to take assistance of PowerPoint repair software to fix powerpoint cannot open the type of file error.

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Steps to repair PPT files using PPT repair tool:

Step 1: Download and install the PPT repair tool on your computer. Run the software to get the main screen of the software as shown below.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2003 File - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Browse the corrupted PowerPoint 2003 file and select "Repair" to initialize the repair process.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2003 File - Find Corrupt PPT File

Figure B: Find Corrupt PPT File

Step 3: After the completion of repair process you can preview the PPT file. Then save the PPT file using "Save" option in a specific location.

Repair Corrupt PowerPoint 2003 File - Save new PPT File

Figure D: Save new PowerPoint File

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