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If you are looking for an specialized equipment to lock your PPT file with password then do not worry, take a deep breath and be relaxed, here in this article it is mentioned that how to lock PPT files with password with ease. Once you have assigned password to your PPT file nobody can access this file without providing the correct password.

There are many occasions where you need to protect your PPT files with password.  Suppose you have created a Presentation for an important seminar and do not want that your presentation can be accessed by any other person then you should protect it by some mean. Password protecting such type of files is one of the best ways to achieve security of PPT file.

Another reason why people like to lock their PPT files with password is that no Intruders can make any changes in the presentation file. Because, if you have not taken any security measures then chances are very high that somebody with ill intension can easily modify your PPT file. This incident can pose a great problem for you. Hence if you want to keep yourself away from such type of painful situations then you should opt for tool like Remo MORE which is armed with special feature to protect your files with robust and reliable password.

However, Window computer comes with inbuilt features which have capability to lock your files with password in order to protect them against hackers and crackers. But, it has been noted that this way of protecting files are not reliable. Hence, user should make use of a special tool that is specially designed with aim to lock PowerPoint file with password. MORE is developed with an effective algorithm that helps it in generating strong password so that it becomes almost impossible to crack by guessing.

If your computer is shared by many people then chance of access of your PPT file becomes very high. In such type of situations where your computer is shared by many people ,it is good to protect your PPT file with password so that it cannot be accessed by other people who also share the same system.

Remo MORE can be a very useful tool for those who are in damn need of a tool which can easily password protect their PPT file.  It comes with an attractive user interface which gives users guide about how to protect PPT file with password. This software has become buzz word in the software industry for its wonderful results. It can be used to password protect any type of file including Word, Excel, Image, audio, video and many more.  Remo MORE is free for download and does not cost for its installation. You can easily download this tool from Internet to tryout its working procedure. This software is recommended by experienced software professional and users. Thus if you need to lock your PPT file then try out this award winning tool without any hesitation for the best result.  This application also gives you flexibility to change or reset password in case you forget your password.

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Steps to password protect PowerPoint sfile:


Step 1: Download Remo MORE and install it on your system. From main screen of software select Manage option and then from next screen select File Manager and then choose File Protector. Now select File/ Folder Locker from this screen of as shown in figure 1.

How to Password Protect PPT File - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: From this screen shot select Add Files option to locate your PPT file to lock with password as shown in figure 2.

How to Password Protect PPT File - Select Add Files

Figure B: Select Add Files

Step 3:As soon as you will press Lock tab MORE will starts locking your PPT file as shown in figure 3.

How to Password Protect PPT File - Locking PPT File

Figure C: Locking PPT File

Step 4: After successful completion of process you will get confirmation message as shown in figure 4.

How to Password Protect PPT File - Locked Successfully

Figure D: Locked Successfully

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