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MS PowerPoint is an excellent software for creating presentations. The software was launched by Microsoft, and it comes along with Microsoft Office Suite. In this cutting edge time most of individuals and many big as well as small organizations make use of this amazing software to project their ideas and schemes in an interactive way. Generally there are various versions of PowerPoint software, among which PowerPoint 2007 is one of them. This PowerPoint 2007 program is most favored version, as it includes large number of striking features in it. The files created using PowerPoint 2007 are saved with .pptx file extension.

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However, the presentation file that is been created on this PowerPoint application is more prone to corruption. If it gets corrupted then PowerPoint 2007 will not open PPTX file. Just assume a case that you have created a presentation file using PowerPoint 2007 application. After creation, due to some unforeseen reason, if it gets corrupt and the PowerPoint 2007 will not open PPTX file, then you will definitely get irritated and think how to repair PowerPoint 2007 PPTX file. Therefore in order to fix and open PPTX file on PowerPoint 2007 application you need a powerful PowerPoint file repair tool. If you make use of this PPT repair application then you can repair PowerPoint 2007 PPTX file easily and access the repaired file with no more hassle. Before going deeper into PowerPoint file repair app, let’s discuss why PowerPoint 2007 will not open PPTX file.

Scenarios for PPTX file corruption:

  • Virus infection: Viruses are extremely damaging stuffs. They never leave any data residing on your PC. When a virus gets into your computer, it’ll infect the PPTX file and corrupts its file structure. Once PPTX file gets corrupted, then PowerPoint 2007 will not open PPTX file there by resulting in data loss. 
  • Round tripping: Round tripping is nothing but converting PPTX file to some other format, and once again converting the file to the same format. If this round tripping process is frequently carried out, the PPTX file will get corrupted, and ultimately your PowerPoint 2007 will not open PPTX file making it inaccessible.

As a consequence of these above described scenarios, if any of your important PPTX file gets corrupted then do not get bothered over it as with the help of PowerPoint file repair program you can easily fix and open PPTX file on PowerPoint 2007. It is a supportive application that can be used to repair both PPTX as well as PPT files. To know how to repair corrupt PPT file log on to: The PowerPoint file repair software is a highly effective and non destructive application that performs read only operation on corrupted PPTX file, which ensures that no harm is made to original PPTX file. It is been integrated with powerful scanning engine, using which it’ll profoundly scan corrupted PPTX file and creates a new and healthy PPTX file which will be similar to the original one. In this way it’ll repair PowerPoint 2007 PPTX file easily just within few simple clicks. 

Features of PowerPoint file repair application:

PowerPoint file repair tool is easily compatible with all latest versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 8, XP, Vista, 7, etc. It’s a most trusted repair application, and is been widely used in the entire world. In a very limited compass of time, the software will fix and open PPTX file on PowerPoint 2007. Apart from PowerPoint 2007 files, it can repair PPT files created on various versions of PowerPoint application including MS PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2010, etc. It’s a user friendly repair app, which offers orderly directions with clear screen-shots, following which even an inexpert user can fix PowerPoint 2007 PPTX file in few clicks. Demo version of this PowerPoint file repair software is available which facilitates you to evaluate the product before purchase. 

Steps to repair Powerpoint 2007 PPTX file using PowerPoint repair tool:


Step 1: Download and install the Demo Version of PowerPoint Repair software on a healthy computer having PowerPoint 2007 or above version installed on the it. Otherwise you can not preview the PPTX file after repairing. Launch the software and you will get the Main Window as shown below.

PowerPoint 2007 Will Not Open PPTX File - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window


Step 2: Browse the corrupt PPTX file and select it to repair. Then click on "Repair" option.

PowerPoint 2007 Will Not Open PPTX File - Find Corrupt PPTX File

Figure B: Find Corrupt PPTX File


Step 3: The software starts repair process.

PowerPoint 2007 Will Not Open PPTX File - Repairing of Corrupt PPTX File

Figure C: Repairing of Corrupt PPTX File

Step 4: After repair process is completed, you can preview the PPTX file contents. If you are satisfied with the result, you can purchase the software to activate it. Then save the repaired PPTX file at a location by browsing the location and clicking on "Save" option.

RPowerPoint 2007 Will Not Open PPTX File - Save new PowerPoint File

Figure D: Save new PowerPoint File

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