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PowerPoint 2010 is the latest version of PowerPoint tool launched by Microsoft. This version has gained popularity due to its superior features which enables users to make an interactive and eye catching presentations. Files created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 application will be saved with .PPTX format. PPTX files are XML enabled compressed files used for safer file transfer over internet. In spite of its advantages, PowerPoint 2010 tool has downsides too. Out of which PowerPoint errors are considered as a major problem that renders the PowerPoint file data inaccessible. These errors might arise at any time due to some unexpected technical troubles. With the help of this utility you will easily repair PPT files that wont open on MS Power Point of different versions such as Power Point 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.

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You may receive an error in PowerPoint 2010 when you try to open presentation file. When you let PowerPoint repair error it causes PowerPoint 2010 file to crash or it stops working. PowerPoint may also block linked images and contents. PowerPoint errors indicate that your PPTX 2010 file is refusing to open as it is corrupted/damaged. Don’t worry, unreadable PowerPoint 2010 file due to error messages can be fixed to make it work in a usual way as it was prior to corruption. That is you can go for fixing your corrupted 2010 presentation file through PowerPoint Repair utility, which is proven to be the precise solution to fix PowerPoint file errors.

Here are few listed error messages that appear on certain scenarios as mentioned below:

  • PowerPoint found a problem with content in <filename>. PowerPoint can attempt to repair the presentation” –  When user tries to open a PowerPoint 2010 file from Outlook or from Internet.
  • There was an error accessing the file xxxx.pptx” – when you try to open a PowerPoint that you have downloaded from internet or network directory.
  • The file is corrupt and cannot be opened” – This error message is seen when the user gets 2010 PPTX file in email attachments and opens it on PC having an older version of PowerPoint.
  • PowerPoint found an error that it can’t correct. You should save presentations, quit and then restart PowerPoint” – This error might occur due to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 software malfunction.

What are the reasons for damage/corruption of PowerPoint 2010 file that gives errors?

  • Virus/ malware/spyware attacks when you download it from the internet or on a computer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint application malfunction due to incorrect installation
  • Human mistakes like abruptly terminating PowerPoint 2010 presentation file when it is in use
  • Sudden system shutdown while editing presentation file as a result of power failures and software/hardware conflicts
  • Frequent change of PowerPoint file from one format to another
  • Incomplete recovery of deleted PowerPoint 2010 file through usage of inefficient software, etc

Why PowerPoint repair software is the best choice for repairing PowerPoint errors?

The PowerPoint repair tool is made up of advanced scanning techniques to read and repair corrupt PowerPoint file in an accurate way. It can fix presentation files of PPT, PPTX and PPS types that refuses to open due to any sort of corruption. It reads and creates a virtual structure of the file to store extracted elements like text, formatting, hyperlinks, animations, images, OLE objects, etc from damaged PowerPoint file during the repair process. You will be able to view the repaired PowerPoint file at the after the completion of the repair process. Using this you can analyze the repair chances, if satisfied with the results you can buy full version of the software to fix your affected MS 2010 presentation file after error messages.

Irrespective of severity of corruption, PowerPoint repair software can be used to fix Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 file together with presentation files created with Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, 2003 and 2010 versions. With the help of this PowerPoint repair utility, it is possible to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2003 filewith actual presentations and footers. You also have privilege to save the contents of the repaired presentation file to any desired location recognized by the host Windows OS. PowerPoint repair tool works well on Windows 7, XP and Vista operating systems.

Note: PPS, PPSX are other formats in which you can save the PowerPoint file in addition to PPT and PPTX. As PPS file has special features that it play side without involvement of users. To know more about PPS file formats, have a look on this page:


Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

Steps to repair errors on PowerPoint 2010 presentation file:

Step 1: Download and install PowerPoint Repair software on your computer. Before you proceed, you must have PowerPoint 2000 or above installed on your PC to preview the repaired presentation file. Open the software to launch the Main Window as shown below in Figure A

Repair Corrupt PPT - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Click on Browse button to search your computer for corrupted 2010 PowerPoint file after error messages and select "Repair" as shown below in Figure B

Repair Corrupt PPT - Find Corrupt PPT File

Figure B: Find Corrupt PPTX File

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Step 3: The software starts repairing the damaged MS 2010 PPTX file as shown in Figure C. You can also abort the process by clicking "Cancel" if you wish to repair it later

Repair Corrupt PPT - Repairing of Corrupt PPT File

Figure C: Progress of Repair Process

Step 4: Once the repair process is over the software allow you to preview the repaired PPT file before saving it on your computer. After successful previewing, select "Save" to save the repaired PPTX file to your desired location as shown in Figure D

Repair Corrupt PPT - Save new PPT File

Figure D: Save new PowerPoint File

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

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