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Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used all over the world to create presentations in various business organisation and educational institution. It saves presenation files in a format called PPT format. But sometimes it may happen that you were trying to open PPT file but you cannot open it, it becomes inaccessible.

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Let us consider a situation, you have a seminar in this week, so you created a PowerPoint presentation with lots of animations, images and with a media objects and it took lot of time. You almost completed the presentation. You are only left with adding few points so in order to do some modification you opened PPT file again the day before seminar. But when you opened the file, it is showing some weird errors stating that your presenation file is corrupted. All your efforts you have given to make the presenation were all in waste as you have not kept any back up of your PPT file resulting in PPT file corruption.

Similarly, suppose that you have accidentally deleted a PPT file from your system. In order to recover that accidentally deleted presentation file, you simply tried a recovery software. After recovering the file, you come to know that you are unable to open the presentation file even after recovering back to your system. So in such case you cannot access the presenation files as the recovery software was unreliable and damaged the presentation file.

You may also face corruption of presentation files due to various reasons like OS corruption, system crash, software malfunction, header corruption of PPT file, repeatedly changing PPT file from one format to other, etc. Some other reasons are listed below:

  • (i) Improper system shutdown and frequent power failure when PPT application is not terminated properly results in Presentation file corruption
  • (ii) When you install MS PowerPoint, you should ensure that installation process is executed properly. If it is not done properly then it can create problems while making presentations. And there is a chance that your PPT file may get corrupted and you will be unable to open that file.
  • (iii) While you were downloading PPT files from internet, some viruses may be downloaded along with it and you may receive error message. This leads to severe damage to the presentation files and hence data loss
  • (iv) Repeatedly changing PowerPoint file from one format to another.

At that moment, when your presentation files get corrupted and you cannot access it, the only thing that crawls in your mind is how to get back your lost data. Well, you can easily repair corrupted presenation file and repair PowerPoint document by using a Power Point repairing tool.

Repair PowerPoint tool is one of the most popular software to repair corrupt Microsoft PPT files. This software uses special scanning algorithms to repair corrupted presentation files. During the process, it extracts all data from unreadable PowerPoint file like text, animations, sound effects, images, hyperlinks, OLE objects, etc. It is a user-friendly utility that helps you to use the tool without much difficulty. It repairs unreadable PPT files that are unable to open due to any corruption. This application is also capable of repairing corrupt PPT files created on any OS of Windows like, Windows Vista, XP, 7, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008. The software has easy to use user interface that any person who has least knowledge about the computer can repair the PPT file. You can fix Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2000, 2007 and 2010 versions.

You can follow these simple steps to repair presentation file:

Step 1: First install and launch the tool then run the application, you will find "Browse" option on the main screen. Then search for the corrupt PPT file in your computer.

Repair Presentation - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Next press on button "Repair" to start the repairing process as shown in Figure B.

Repair Presentation - Find Corrupt Presenation File

Figure B: Find Corrupt Presenation File

Step 3: The application performs scanning process as shown in Figure C.

Repair Presentation - Repairing of Corrupt Presenation  File

Figure C: Repairing of Corrupt Presentation File

Step 4: After the completition of the process you can preview the repaired PPT file. After that you can save repaired presenation file to your desired location as shown in Figure D.

Repair Presentation- Save Presenation File

Figure D: Save Presentation File

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