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MS PowerPoint is widely used across the globe to create & edit the presentations for various business and educational purposes. It saves these PowerPoint files in a default format called PPT format. When you try to open a PPT file, you may find that it became inaccessible due to a corruption or damage in the file. This may happen due to varied reasons that are discussed here later, but the corrupted PowerPoint office file can be repaired in any circumstances by utilizing our PPT repair tool developed by some industry professionals keeping in mind the various situations of corruption in a PPT file. This fix PowerPoint Office File software thoroughly scans the PowerPoint office document and extracts its entire contents including texts, hyperlinks, animations, media clips, etc. Then, it starts the repair process and create a new repaired PPT file & place the extracted contents in it.

The software has the capability to restore 2007 PPT file that gets corrupted in different ways. The main factor responsible for the damage in a PowerPoint file is MS Office PowerPoint malfunction. When you download a PPT file from the internet, there are chances of PowerPoint file getting corrupted due to bad Zip file in which it generally gets stored in the download process. If the Zip file is infected by virus files, a PPT file may also get affected as these virus files may be transported from one file to another, in this case, from a Zip archive to your PowerPoint office file.

The PowerPoint starts malfunctioning if it is not properly installed on your computer or when the computer shuts down repeatedly while working on PowerPoint office file. Due to a malfunction in PowerPoint, its XML files get damaged, which in turn, will result in an inaccessible PPT file. However, you can use our award-winning tool to fix damaged PPT file in all these miserable circumstances. The repair PPT software can restore the layout & structure of the corrupted PPT file after the completion of file repair process, it also restores the audio files, images, slide animation & basic shapes along with the master slides that were present in the unreadable PowerPoint office document.

Apart from the PPT files, this repair tool for Office PowerPoint can also fix PowerPoint 2007 file & the document created in PowerPoint 2010 version and even the PPS files i.e. PowerPoint presentation files. With the help of this software, it is possible to repair PowerPoint 2010 after error messages that appear due to some unexpected problems while trying access presentation files. In addition to this, it can also repair the PPT files that are compressed or password-protected on Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Windows Server 2003 & 2008. With the help of this software, you can even preview the repaired PPT file before saving it in any location on your computer hard drive.

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

You can follow the steps mentioned below to repair the PowerPoint office file:

Step A: Browse the location of PPT file to be repaired and click "Repair" on the main window shown in Fig A.

Repair PowerPoint Office - Provide location of PowerPoint file

Fig A: Provide PowerPoint File location

Step B: The progress of the file repair process is displayed in a new window, as shown in Fig B. You can click "Cancel" anytime to stop the repair operation.

Repair PowerPoint Office - PowerPoint file repair process in progress

Figure B: Progress of Repair Process

Step C: Provide the location for saving the new repaired PPT file and click "Save", as shown in Fig C.

Repair PowerPoint Office - Save repaired PowerPoint Office File

Figure C: Save repaired PowerPoint File

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

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