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You need professional presentation of PowerPoint, here it is PPS (PowerPoint Show) makes your way for easy presentation in automated form. Quite often, PowerPoint application helps in better understanding of concepts as it led you to preview slides. ‘Double clicking’ on the file initially for starting up presentation of PPS file and take a breath as there is no need of changing slide by slide by specifying next option. It is much differing from the other format of PowerPoint app, as in case, look for easy and convenient to perform presentation.

It is quite common of using this application as in many organizations make use of this in most cases for explaining their chapters overview and as it can be easily understandable by the viewer as the slide get displayed one after the other. So it is similar to the graphical presentation as this application developed by Microsoft as their inbuilt features as it works for the latest platforms of Windows machine with updated features and also on Mac computer. It is important to know different formats of PowerPoint application, so that you may have a clear knowledge while making use of this application.

PPT, PowerPoint Presentation which is used as a default file extension for saving the presentation. It may also have chance for the virus attack. To know how the PPT file becomes inaccessible, see this link: is a default application for PowerPoint 2007 and later versions. Similarly to this, there is another format as discuss above that is PPS which is preview mode extension of presentation for PowerPoint 2003 and same PPSX is show mode extension of presentation which runs the slides in play mode on PowerPoint 2007 and above versions. Saving PPS format from PPT makes you differ as when you hit double-click on it, it launch into the show mode without user involvement. It makes it look so much more professional. In spite of these many features, PPS file may be unreadable after double clicking and also there will be some misbehavior can be seen. In all such cases you need to repair PPS file with the help of this reliable software.  To know other reasons for the inaccessible of PPS file may be good thing as there will be increment in the knowledge when the sharing is done.

When PPS File Repair Should Carried Out?

  • After many attempts , still If the file is not able to open then there is need to perform repairing of PPS file and this process can be easily carry out with this software.
  • Virus or any harmful attack corrupts file and make the file inaccessible. Here you need not required how to repair PPS file. If you really want to play PPS file again, just make use of this repairing utility as it easily fix corrupt file of PowerPoint.
  • Our Strategy to Perform Repairing PPS File:

    It is an easy approach for every user to get repaired PPS file in a simple manner. Our team on the great’s efforts comes up with a solution to perform repair process of PPS file and this software allow to get play of PPS file again after fixing issues on PowerPoint File. So opt for this software and get out of problem in short span of time. You can even repair PPT, PPTX and PPSX file of PowerPoint also by making using this tool, check this out how it performs repairing process.

    Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

    Steps to fix broken PPS file:

    Step a: Download and install the software. After launching the application, you will see a Main Screen as illustrated in Figure 1

    Repair PPS file

    Figure 1: Main Screen

    Step b: Select "Browse" on the main screen to find the broken PPS file from your system. When done press "Repair" option as illustrated below in Figure 2

    PPS File Repair

    Figure 2: Find Broken PPTX File

    Step c: The utility starts the repair process and make a new healthy PPS file which can be previewed if you have Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on your system. Click on "Preview File" to check the presentation as illustrated in Figure 3

    Repairing PPS Files

    Figure 3: Preview PPS File

    Step d: You need to purchase and activate the software to enable saving of PPS file after the repair process. When activated, click on "Browse" to select the destination location to save the new PPTX file. Finally press "Save" as illustrated in Figure 4

    How To Repair PPS File

    Figure 4: Save PPS File

    Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

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